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Mish Grigor

The Talk


Mish Grigor’s brother came out after an episode of The L Word. And it prompted a family chat that you, the audience, get to re-enact.

The Talk is a terribly undomesticated evening. It’s one account of what happens when you start talking about sex with your family: what ‘the talk’ is, and what it shouldn’t be.

In Grigor’s latest participatory theatre work, the taboos of sex, relationships and family dynamics are laid bare. It’s explicit and unapologetic, yet also tender and personal in its investigation into uncharted territory. Based on real conversations with Grigor’s own family, The Talk is an awkwardly intimate and hilarious conversation with the artist about sex, sexuality and love. Bring your mum.

Writer & Performer
Mish Grigor
Collaborators Jessica Olivieri & Anne Thompson
Image Credit
Jess Olivieri
This project originally commissioned for Field Theory's Site is Set

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