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It wasn’t until Jodee Mundy was five years old and lost at Kmart that she realised the rest of her family was Deaf. She didn’t see ‘disability’ – only the love and protection of those closest to her.

In Personal, Mundy conveys her experience as the only hearing person in a Deaf family through a captivating blend of performance, storytelling, multimedia and animation. She delves into the contradictions of inhabiting two worlds: living in a Deaf family, where using sign language is natural, and living in a society that sees only the family’s disability with voyeuristic curiosity.

The role children of Deaf adults play in paving the way for their family – as interpreter, authority, conduit – is central to this very intimate story. Created with a talented team of collaborators and presented in two languages via a virtual interpreter, Personal is a fascinating, touching and deeply intimate work exploring dis/ability and how we perceive one another.

‘A searching, poignant and gently comic solo performance.’ SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Artistic Director, Writer & Performer
Jodee Mundy
Director Merophie Carr
Designer Jen Hector
Sound Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey
Video Rhian Hinkley
Movement Consultant Jo Dunbar
Script Consultant Sandra Fiona Long
Auslan Consultant Gavin Rose-Mundy
Producer Erin Milne (Bureau of Works)
Production Manager Emily O’Brien
Image Credit
Bryony Jackson

Supported by Australia Council for the Arts, Ministry of the Arts – Catalyst Program, Creative Victoria & Besen Family Foundation
Personal has been created with the support of Jodee’s family, and Arts House, City of Yarra, HotHouse Theatre, Polyglot Theatre, Auspicious Arts Projects, Vicdeaf and KODA

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